C C & Rs

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions



  1. How much area on a lot may be developed? Two-thirds an acre (2/3) for most lots, up to 1 acre for equestrian lots. This development area includes all improvements (e.g., residences, driveways, lawns, etc.).
  2. May I build a two-story house? Yes, on all lots except 1-9, that are restricted to single-story for viewshed reasons. Houses must be at least 1600 sq. ft., but there is no maximum. Whitney Portal Road lots may be 22 feet high; lots 10-27 may be 30 feet.
  3. May I keep horses? Yes, on lots that border the development other than along Whitney Portal Road. (See the Portal Preserve subdivision map for specifics.) An easement from the west end of Mt. Langley Lane leads directly onto BLM (federal Bureau of Land Management) land, and connects to a historic road up into the Mt. Langley canyon.
  4. Is this development in the local fire protection district? Yes. The Portal Preserve has met all the requirements set by the Lone Pine Fire Protection District Board of Directors, and is now covered by the Lone Pine Fire Department. A small lot on Valley View Drive has been deeded to the Fire Protection District for a future substation, with a pump and 20,000-gallon water tank now ready for use.
  5. Who will enforce the CC&Rs? The Architectural Committee provides oversight of building guidelines and development plans. Its members will be elected by lot owners as the project is built out.
  6. May I have a fence around my property? Yes. It must be solid wood or a 3-rail natural colored fence.
  7. What guidelines exist for exterior building materials? Walls may be wood or stucco, painted in natural colors. Roofing material shall be fireproof (e.g., tile, slate or composition).
  8. What guidelines exist for landscaping? Preservation of the existing, native habitat is encouraged, as is installation of vegetative screening around structures. Lot owners on the east, north and west perimeters are responsible for planting tree clusters as designated on the subdivision map.
  9. What guidelines exist for lighting? Exterior lights must comply with a "dark skies" policy of shielded lights that are limited in number, duration and intensity to keep a dark starry sky and not scare wildlife.
  10. What about setbacks for residences? The average setback for homes on Whitney Portal Road is over 200 feet (see Portal Preserve subdivision map for exact distances). The setback within the subdivision is a minimum of 50 feet.
  11. May I conduct my home-based business within The Portal Preserve? Yes, provided it doesn't produce significant traffic and disrupt the residential nature of the community.
  12. May I keep my RV at my home? Yes, provided that it is in an enclosure or behind a fence or shrubbery that screens it from general view.
  13. Can I be assured that The Portal Preserve will remain a natural, clean, tidy environment? Yes. Noxious activities and offensive noise are prohibited. Trashcans must be stored away from public view. Roof antennae shall be limited to 3 feet beyond ridgelines. And storage of vehicles, machinery, or equipment is not allowed.
  14. May I move my mobile home onto my lot? No. Mobile homes are not allowed.
  15. May I keep my cat and dog? Of course, provided that these or other animals do not constitute a nuisance to the occupants of surrounding lots.
  16. How far apart will the houses be? Given the building envelopes (see the Portal Preserve subdivision map), it is estimated that the average distances between homes will be almost 250 feet, about the width of the average lot.

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