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Frequently Asked Questions


How large are the lots for sale at Portal Preserve?

Each of the 27 lots are at least 2.5 acres, some a little more. See the Portal Preserve subdivision map.


How about water?

Water is abundant throughout the Portal Preserve project. It will be supplied by individual wells. The water table is 50-55 feet below the surface. Because it permeates the decomposed granite that comprises the deep alluvial plain below the project, the water is uniformly widespread—not in discrete streams that must be tapped.


What about sewage?

Each home will have its own septic tank and leech lines. A percolation test shows that the soil, allowing seepage at 10” per minute, is ideal for individual sewage systems.


Is the developer willing to build houses on the lots?

No. But the developer can suggest one or more builders in the area.


Can someone trash the nice neighborhood by storing junk cars on one’s lot?

No. The project’s CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) have ample guidelines to ensure a pristine, natural neighborhood.


Will my neighbor’s house block my view of the mountains?

No. The average distance between houses will be approximately 250 feet. Further, the building envelopes were set with visual impact in mind.


Can I see Mt. Whitney from my lot?

Yes. Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental U.S. at 14,497 feet, can be clearly viewed from each of the 27 lots.


Is Mt. Whitney the most prominent mountain in the Sierra range as seen from The Portal Preserve?

No. Due west of the project is Lone Pine Peak at 12,943. Because it is the closest Sierra peak, it appears larger than both Mr. Whitney on its right side, and Mt. Langley (14,042s’) on its left side.


What is the elevation of The Portal Preserve?

It’s about 5,000 feet, 1,300 feet higher than the valley floor at Lone Pine, 4 miles to the east.


Why the name The Portal Preserve?

The word “Portal” indicates the gateway to Mt. Whitney. “Preserve” suggests the project’s preservation of the scenic, natural setting to the largest extent possible, with nearly 3/4 of the regular lot retaining its original character.

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